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Conditions of Use

1.      Subject

1.1    By calling up or using the INFORMATION on this WEBSITE (main page including all sub-pages) the user agrees that these Conditions of Use shall apply exclusively. Otherwise the user is not authorised to call up or use the WEBSITE. In that case the user shall immediately cease to use the WEBSITE.

1.2    Information for the purposes of these Conditions of Use shall denote the layout of the WEBSITE and all content and data that can be called up on it, in particular text, pictures, videos, sound, graphics, logos and software programs.

2.      Copyright and Rights of Use

2.1    The WEBSITE and the INFORMATION are protected by copyright, trademark law or otherwise by industrial property rights in accordance with German or other law and by international agreements. The INFORMATION provided shall be treated as works protected by copyright in accordance with the German Copyright Act (UrhG).

2.2    INFORMATION shall not be used or publicly reproduced without our express prior written consent. This shall not affect obligatory exceptions to the consent requirement, in particular in accordance with UrhG or the law on copyright in works of art and photography. In accordance with these provisions, consent is not essential in particular in cases of “temporary acts of reproduction without independent commercial significance” in accordance with § 44a UrhG and “reproduction for private use” in accordance with § 53 UrhG.

Use shall comprise any kind of use of INFORMATION in accordance with UrhG, in particular reproduction, copying, distribution and dissemination. Public reproduction shall comprise making INFORMATION available in any way to members of the public in accordance with UrhG, in particular the right of public accessibility, broadcasting rights and the right to make INFORMATION publicly perceptible.

2.3    In particular the user is not authorised without our prior written consent to reproduce, save, translate, edit, alter, sell, hire, decompile or otherwise translate the code form of INFORMATION or undertake parallel developments. Furthermore the user is not authorised to integrate INFORMATION into databases or database works.

3.      Restrictions on Use

3.1    The user is not authorised to use the WEBSITE, the INFORMATION or services for unlawful purposes or in any other way contrary to these Conditions of Use. The user shall safeguard the industrial property rights (see clause 2 above) and other rights of third parties who have rights in the WEBSITE, the INFORMATION or the services.

3.2    The user is not authorised to use techniques, mechanisms, programs (including for example viruses, Trojans or spyware) or other routines that may affect, interfere with or impair the operation of the WEBSITE or which may allow unauthorised access to stored personal data. The user shall take no measures that may lead to unreasonable or undue loading of the infrastructure of the WEBSITE or the e?mail system.

4.      Liability for Links (Disclaimer)

4.1    We will not be held liable for information to which we refer via a link.  In accordance with the provisions below we are not obliged to check whether information on linked websites infringes third party rights or is otherwise unlawful.

4.2    If information to which we refer via a link infringes the rights of a third party, it shall be incumbent upon the third party to notify us of this without delay unless the infringement of rights is obvious upon calling up the linked website.

4.3    Upon becoming aware of the unlawfulness we will without delay remove or bar the link to the website. We shall be entitled to check the unlawfulness for 14 days from receipt of the notification according to clause 4.2 or otherwise becoming aware of it, unless the unlawfulness is obvious. The third party shall prove to us the awareness of the facts on which unlawfulness is based.

4.4    We hereby expressly distance ourselves from any infringement of rights by third parties on linked websites. Every user is asked to tell us if information that infringes rights is offered on linked websites.

5.      Choice of Law

Use shall be governed by the law of the Federal Republic of Germany excluding the provisions of private international law. If the user is a merchant, a legal entity in public law or a special fund in public law, the place of jurisdiction shall be the place of our registered office. If the user accesses the WEBSITE from outside Germany, the user shall also observe the statutory and legal provisions of his or her country of origin.

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